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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Interview / Meet Ann and VISIBLE

I knew Ann from work in 2013. At that time, she just launched her first collection of VISIBLE and I just started my start-up. The last time I saw her was the time I was invited to see the runway show of her new collection at Eslite few weeks ago. Such a great progress has she made within one year! In today PEOPLE, I invited this talented girl to tell us more about her design and the brand VISIBLE.


1. Brief introduction of yourself and the team
Ann Cheng- designer of VISIBLE.
I personally participate in branding and the production of the product from designing, choosing fabric to making sample. I'd studied fashion design for 7 years in Taiwan and entered the fashion design workshop at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. After that, I’d worked at the relative field for 5 years.

Fee Fee Chang-Stylist of VISIBLE.

She have worked as a stylist for more than 10 years. We can find her works on printed ads, movies and commercial films.

Both of us love fashion and care about this industry in Taiwan. We hope that by founding our own brand, we can diversity the fashion style in Taiwan.

1. 先簡單的介紹你自己的背景,以及你們的團隊成員背景和負責的工作
Ann Cheng-男女裝的主要設計師,親自參與了每一樣工作細節,從設計、衣料、剪裁打樣、到品牌形象行銷以及公司大小事物。台灣共唸了7年的服裝,於2005年在倫敦聖馬汀藝術學院 FASHION DESIGN WORKSHOP進修,之後又進入相關產業工作近5年的時間

Fee Fee Chang- 背景:在造型產業工作十幾年,從平面、廣告到戲劇都有經驗,在VISIBLE為輔助設計,整體搭配造型顧問。


2. What does VISIBLE want to present?
VISIBLE means just like the literal meaning of the word. And we also want to tell everyone that “Life goes the way how you expect for it.” Every new season, we present a new collection with new theme based on the two main concepts of the brand: casual and formal. You can find female jumpsuits and suits at the same collection; but for male collection, I will more focus on using only suits to present the casual and formal styles.

2. 品牌想傳達的主旨和其設計風格
VISIBLE的英文釋義是「可見的」,因此想告訴大家「你盼望甚麼,生活就會照你想要的是那個樣子」 Life goes the way how you expect for it.
品牌設計風格與主調不變,每季會有新的設計主題, 一季分為正式系列與休閒系列兩大風格路線。每季的女性系列固定呈現「套裝」、「連身褲」的創作,而男性系列則著重在「西裝」的設計發表。

3. The inspiration of your design
My inspiration comes from my life. Everything happens in my life can become my Muses. If I run out of ideas, I will read and experience something I’ve never tried before. And traveling around can always give me new thoughts.

3. 平常怎麼獲取設計靈感?

4. The most difficult challenge you faced and the most happiest thing happened to you while you founded VISIBLE.
The challenge for a designer to found your own business is that I have to know about marketing and finance and both of them are not my specialty. I’m still learning and making great progress. And the happiest thing is that I can meet people who love my design and my brand.

4. 自創品牌上遇到最困難的事情?遇到最開心的事情?

5. Introduce your new collection and which work is your favorite among all.
The 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. It was the decade in which women first abandoned the more restricting fashions of past years and began to wear more comfortable clothes. Coco Chanel is one of the fashion icons of this era. My design is greatly influenced by the fashion in 1920's, the turning point of modern and traditional; the combination of individualism and feminism. Hence, “The Golden 1920’s” is the theme of the new collection. I use three main colors in that era on formal suits, casual jumpsuit and dresses. I want to duplicate the golden age and also show my respect to the fashion icons of that era, especially CoCo Chanel, Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks
My favorite work in this collection is the jumpsuits.

5. 簡單介紹一下這次collection的主題,以及其中你最喜歡的一件作品
20年代中女性服裝有男性化的設計趨向,像是CoCo Chanel的品牌建立,是時裝發展一個非常特殊的年代。對我在設計上有著極大的影響,個性風格與女性柔美的結合,或者傳統與現代的融合。因此就以影響我最深的【黃金年代】-20’s ,設計出這一系列的服裝。20年代中找尋出三個顏色為基點,設計出正式套裝、休閒的連身褲到約會宴會都可穿的洋裝,
並以同色系的方式呈現對20年代的美好畫面,在設計上結合現代與當時的元素向當時的Icon致敬,特別是CoCo ChanelGreta GarboLouise Brooks!!

6. For you, what's fashion?
Fashion is the creation of the era, the trends, the place and the person. One dress creates different styles depending on when and how the person wears it.

6. 在你來看,時尚是什麼?

7. Your future goal.
In the future, I expect I can still be creative and be me. There are too many things might get yourself lost. I want to focus on our goal: create an elegant style for Taiwanese customers. And that’s also what VISIBLE presents: being yourself and being seen by the world.

7. 品牌未來的計畫?


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