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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fashion Trends I HATE in 2014 s/s

How to know the latest fashion trends? Go to check out products in ZARA, the most famous fashion copycat in the world ( No offense. I'm just telling the truth and I 'm a huge fan of ZARA). But after the window shopping, somehow, I have to admit that there are some fashion trends that I can't agree those are cool. Below, I'm going to go over 3 fashion trends I absolutely hate.

要怎麼知道最新的時尚?去逛逛ZARA吧,ZARA可是全世界最有名的時尚抄襲者 (沒有惡意,我只是陳述事實,我其實很愛買他們家東西的) 但經過幾次的閒逛後,我必須承認有些時尚流行......我真的不能稱之為時尚,看看是哪三樣讓我傻眼的時尚單品吧!

1. Slipper

Seriously? How can I look fashion while I dress like I'm going to throw trash?

2.  Athletic Striped Trouser
I have no problem with the product itself. But I do have problem with the way people wear this kinda trouser. They looks like they just wake up and don't even have time to change their pajama trousers.

3. Chanel Printed Canvas Backpack

This is not the Chanel I know..........

Want to see more? Want for the next post about Fashion Trends I LOVE in 2014 s/s!

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Photos by ZARA and Chanel 

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