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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Interview / BOUNCE

BOUNCE, a famous graffiti artist and also my friend, has been invited to several countries to display his works and participated in many art exhibitions to share his experience. Even Adidas and many international brands are his clients. Today in the PEOPLE section, let BOUNCE tells you his passion about graffiti.


1. Introduce yourself, your works and what the meaning behind BOUNCE?
Since I was a child, I have obsessed with painting. While I was in senior high, I studied in Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School to learn traditional arts. I participated in several National Art Exhibitions and won many prizes in the oil painting contests. Then I graduated from Art School with the highest honors and went to Department of Applied Arts, Fu Jen Catholic University. I start to do 
graffiti and use the name “BOUNCE” as my pseudonym on 2005. Although at that time entering the world of graffiti for me is a little bit too late, the training of traditional art before does build a solid foundation for me to create differences from others. I create my own signature: a rabbit with story in it. And because of this little creature, the graffiti of mine has story to tell. I find myself in graffiti.

我從小就熱愛畫畫一直到現在都沒停過。高中進入復興美工接受傳統藝術的薰陶,參加各大全國油畫美展更是得無數的獎項,並以全校前三名畢業直升輔大應用美術系。傳統藝術背景的我並於2005年開始以” BOUNCE”之名遊走街頭。雖然起步有點晚.但是之前的研究與觀察對於現在的創作有相當的幫助,讓創作更有根基。Bounce創造了一隻屬於他的兔子,他的塗鴉也有個屬於他的故事,更讓這個城市添加了點故事性。跳脫自己的背景傳統藝術,發現內心最原始的細胞,叛逆又有趣的塗鴉創作動力。

2. You studied traditional arts. Why do you change your path to graffiti?

Although I won several national contests in painting sections, I never felt any sense of achievement from those contests. I learned cubism and Impressionism and all the painting works I created are just applications of those theories. Until one day I found graffiti while I traveled abroad, I immediately knew that is the way I want to delivery my creation.

3. Where and how you do find your inspiration of creation?
Movies, music, skateboard, toys, travel experience and other things in my life are elements of my creation.
4. Introduce your one of your favorite works.  

Actually, I love every works I created. But all my works show a same theme: find your dream and fulfill your dream. There is BOUNCE in everyone life.

5. Your future goal? 
My goal is to let the people around the world to know me and my works.


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